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Welcome to our immersive Spoon Carving Class, a 2-day exploration into the artistry of green woodworking. Designed for both beginners and woodworking enthusiasts, this hands-on class is a gateway to the world of handcrafted wooden spoons and a deeper connection with nature.

In this class, students will be taught skills such as:


  • Tree Identification: Delve into the enchanting realm of woodland flora as you learn to identify various tree species. This foundational skill forms the basis of your wood selection journey.

  • Wood Selection & Harvesting: Explore the ethics and principles of responsible wood selection and harvesting. Forge a sustainable connection with the forest as you gather materials for your projects.

  • Ax Usage: Learn how to skillfully use an ax, a fundamental bushcraft tool, and acquire skills that extend far beyond spoon carving.

  • Knife Handling & Sharpening: Hone your knife skills, ensuring precision and safety throughout your woodworking endeavors. Learn the art of keeping your tools finely honed and razor-sharp.

  • Tool Selection: Navigate the world of woodworking tools, gaining the wisdom to select the perfect tool for each task. Expand your toolkit for future crafting and adventures.

  • Safety Practices: Prioritize safety in the wilderness with essential practices that protect both you and your fellow woodcrafters.


Crafting Beyond Spoons: Knowledge & Creativity:

Our Spoon Carving Class extends far beyond the creation of spoons. It is an educational journey through the realms of craftsmanship and bushcraft. By the end of this transformative experience, you'll leave not only with 2 or 3 finely crafted spoons but also with a wealth of knowledge.

This includes a profound understanding of different wood types, grain patterns, and carving techniques, all of which will significantly enhance your bushcraft skills. You'll find that this workshop is an investment in your creativity, craftsmanship, and connection to nature.

All necessary tools will be provided, ensuring that you're fully equipped for this exciting adventure. However, if you're a woodworking enthusiast with your own tools, feel free to bring them along.


Recommended Tools:


  • Mora 106

  • Mora 164

  • Robin Wood Carving Ax

  • Silky Gomboy or Bacho Laplander

Eligibility Requirements: Students must be at least 12 years old. All students younger than 16 must be accompanied by a paid parent or legal guardian.

Accommodations: If you do choose to camp onsite we offer primitive camping as part of the course cost.

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