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Mastering Survival Series: Equipment for Thriving in the Wilderness

Mastering Survival Series - Part 2

Equipment for Thriving in the Wilderness

When venturing into the wilderness, being properly equipped is crucial for a safe and enjoyable experience. At Woodsrunner School, we have developed a comprehensive system that covers what is needed for the wilderness, ensuring you have the knowledge and gear to thrive in the great outdoors. We call it the Woodsrunner Dozen - twelve categories that encompass everything you need to know and carry in the wilderness. In this blog, we'll dive into each category and explore the Equipment Carry System we recommend for different situations and seasons.

The Woodsrunner Dozen

1-Storage - Packs & Accessories: Your pack is your lifeline in the wilderness, carrying all your gear and supplies. We emphasize the importance of choosing the right pack for your needs and including essential accessories like dry bags and compression sacks to keep your gear organized and protected.

2-Outdoor Wear (Clothing, Footwear & Accessories): Dressing appropriately for the wilderness is vital for protection from the elements. We teach our students how to layer clothing for different weather conditions and select suitable footwear for various terrains.

3-Shelter: While clothing provides some shelter, having a reliable tent or tarp is essential for prolonged stays in the wilderness. We guide our students in selecting and setting up their shelters, ensuring they are well-protected from harsh weather.

4-Fire - Ignition & Tinder: Fire is not just for warmth; it's a vital survival tool. We teach various fire-starting methods and the importance of carrying reliable ignition sources and tinder materials.

5-Water - Pre-Filter, Filtration, Purification & Distillation: Clean water is a non-negotiable requirement in the wilderness. Our students learn how to collect, filter, and purify water from different sources, ensuring they stay hydrated and healthy.

6-Food - Acquisition, Processing, Sustenance & Preservation: Foraging and hunting for food are essential skills. We teach our students how to identify edible plants, catch and prepare protein and fat-rich resources, and preserve food for longer stays.

7-Lost Proofing - (ROCS) Rescue, Orienteering, Communication & Signaling: Getting lost can happen to anyone, and being prepared for such situations is crucial. We instruct our students on navigation techniques, signaling for help, and using communication devices.

8-Self-Care - First-Aid & Hygiene / Self-Awareness (Psychology): Taking care of yourself in the wilderness involves both physical and mental aspects. Our first-aid training covers common injuries, and we emphasize the importance of maintaining good hygiene and a positive mindset.

9-Maintenance - Improvisation & Repair: In the wilderness, gear can break, and improvisation is key. Our students learn how to repair their equipment and improvise tools and shelter with natural and manmade materials.

10-Tools - Equipment - An extension of the hand: The right tools can make wilderness tasks much easier. We recommend carrying essential tools like knives, saws, and multi-tools.

11-Security - Personal, Environmental & Resource Protection: Being aware of potential dangers and protecting yourself and the environment is paramount. We teach our students how to ensure their safety and conserve natural resources.

12-Luxuries - Personal Comforts - Feel/Good - Moral Booster: While survival is the priority, a few personal comforts can boost morale and mental well-being. We encourage carrying small luxury items like a favorite book or a personal keepsake.

Equipment Carry System

The Equipment Carry System we recommend at Woodsrunner School is divided into three tiers based on the duration of your wilderness adventure and the gear you'll need:

Tier 1 - Essential Carry (On Person/Haversack/Day Pack): Meets Immediate Personal Needs & Safety, designed for the first 72 hours. This tier includes essential items that should always be on your person or within easy reach, such as a basic fire-starting kit, a compass, a knife, hydration, and emergency signaling devices.

Tier 2 - Supplemental Carry (Backpack): Prolongs Personal Needs & Safety, intended for trips beyond 72 hours to a week. This tier includes additional gear and kits to help you improvise with natural materials and sustain yourself for longer survival situations. It may include a tent, sleeping bag, extra clothing, and additional food.

Tier 3 - Sustainment Carry (Backpack): Maintain Personal Needs & Safety, geared for trips extending beyond 72 hours and beyond. This tier includes gear and kits to help you stay long-term for more than a week, such as extended food supplies, advanced shelter options, and more comprehensive first-aid kits.

Seasonal Considerations

We understand that the wilderness presents different challenges depending on the season. To account for this, we offer three levels of equipment carry for different seasons:

Level 1 - Warm Season (Late Spring-Summer): This level focuses on gear suitable for warmer weather, such as lightweight clothing and gear for repelling insects.

Level 2 - Cool Season (Early Spring & Fall): As temperatures drop, this level includes additional clothing and shelter options for cooler conditions.

Level 3 - Extreme (Winter): Winter demands specialized gear for staying warm and safe in freezing temperatures, such as insulated clothing and gear for snow travel.

Being equipped with the right gear and skills is the key to thriving in the wilderness. At Woodsrunner School, we are passionate about empowering outdoor enthusiasts with the knowledge and tools to tackle adventures with confidence. Remember, being prepared can mean the difference between merely surviving and truly thriving in the great outdoors.

Ready to take your wilderness skills to the next level? Join us at Woodsrunner School and embark on a transformative journey of self-reliance and adventure. Stay Safe, enjoy the wilderness, and together, we’ll RUN THE WOODS!

I hope our information helps out if the time comes to ever need it, and If you like what we are doing at the Woodsrunner School. Show your support, by sharing our content.

Joshua Barnes

Founder & Director of Operations

Woodsrunner School, LLC

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