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Join us for an exhilarating journey of skill-building and wilderness exploration through our Woodsrunner Youth Project's Wilderness Skills Days. These immersive training sessions are designed to equip young individuals with the essential tools and knowledge needed to thrive in the great outdoors. Delve into the 12 Woodsrunner Wilderness Necessities, a comprehensive system of safety skills and survival techniques that will empower participants with confidence and self-reliance.

Program Details:

  • When: A scheduled Saturday of each month, from January to October.

  • Time: Training hours are from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

  • Parent Drop-Off: Welcome to arrive from 9:30 AM

  • Pickup: Sessions conclude by 3:15 PM

Skill Topics Include:

  • Fire: Master the art of combustion and fire-making, harnessing its essential elements of light, heat, and smoke.

  • Water: Learn the vital process of water replacement (hydration) and its significance in wilderness survival.

  • Shelter: Build shelters, from natural structures to manmade designs, ensuring protection from elements and danger.

  • Food: Explore the world of sustenance with nutritious foods that sustain life and provide essential energy.

  • Lost Proofing: Stay found and navigate effectively through rescue, orienteering, communication, and signaling.

  • Self-Care: Understand the importance of maintaining well-being in the wild, with training in first aid and hygiene.

  • Improvisation: Harness the power of improvisation by using available objects beyond their intended purpose.

  • Situational Awareness: Sharpen your senses to predict and forecast opportunities and threats in the wilderness.

  • Wilderness Knowledge: Study and understand the environment, exploring what to utilize and avoid for optimal survival.

  • Many More Skills: Discover a wide range of additional skills and knowledge crucial for wilderness living.

Our Wilderness Skills Days provide an exceptional opportunity for youth aged 7 to 15 to develop a deep connection to nature while honing practical abilities that extend far beyond the boundaries of everyday life. Led by experienced Woodsrunner Youth Project Guides, these sessions are structured to be both educational and engaging, fostering personal growth, self-confidence, and a resilient survival mindset.

Limited Availability for 2024:

Spaces are limited for the year 2024, ensuring personalized attention and a high-quality learning experience for each participant.

Fill out the form on our Application page to receive a call from a Woodsrunner Youth Project Guide who will provide more information and help secure your spot in our Wilderness Skills Days program.


Don't miss this unique opportunity to ignite a lifelong passion for the outdoors and equip your child with invaluable survival skills. Join us today!

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