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The Wilderness Survival 101 Course is the premier course in the Woodsrunner system of skills, safety, and survival. This course has been specifically designed to lay a solid foundation of skills, mindset, and abilities to prevent or survive a 24 to 72 hour crisis in the wilderness. Throughout this course you will experience and train for a wide range of survival situations utilizing the hands-on skills necessary to satisfy core needs.

Our instructors designed this course for both the novice and experienced. This is not a casual camp-out. You will learn and practice a wide range of skills and put these skills to the test in exciting, real world training exercises. On night two of the course you will sleep in your emergency shelter within a basecamp setting.


Prerequisite: No Prerequisites Required


3 Axes


3 Days


$340 (18+) / $170 12-17

Wilderness Skills & Topics Covered:

  • Avoiding Emergencies

  • Survival Psychology

  • Water (Fundamentals)

  • Sheltercraft (Fundamentals)

  • Sleeping Systems (When & How To Use) 

  • Firecraft (Fundamentals) Creating fire while in extreme conditions

  • Navigation (Fundamentals) 

  • Essential Knots

  • Clothing & Gear Selection

  • Emergency Self-Care

  • Knife Skills

  • And much more..

Course Outlook:

This is a physical course and you should expect to travel short distances through moderate terrain, partake in survival skill scenarios and challenges, and experience possible adverse weather conditions. If you want to challenge yourself and gain the confidence to travel further into the wilderness or just want to set your mind at ease in the event of a crisis or survival situation, this course is for you. 

Gear Checklist: Click Here

Eligibility Requirements: Students must be at least 12 years old. All students younger than 16 must be accompanied by a paid parent or legal guardian. 

Survival 101 Reg.


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