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A Primal Culinary Experience

Preparing flavorful meals is especially important to maintaining one's health and well-being. It is also a useful technique to help one keep a positive mental attitude during a crisis situation. The ability to make a flavorful meal without the burden of cooking utensils, allows one to travel light in the wild, or make a meal when it counts the most.


What is covered in the course?

This course is designed to teach the many techniques to effectively prepare food for human consumption in a natural environment. The focus will be on preparing foods without the aid of any modern utensils, other than a fixed blade knife, while preserving the flavor and nutritional benefits of the food.

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Students will be taught skills such as:

  • Utensil making from natural materials

  • Making containers for water and food

  • Spit and Skewer cooking

  • Smoking meat for preservation

  • Preparing and cooking fish

  • Coal cooking​

  • Making bread

  • Roasting root vegetables

  • Steaming grains

  • and more..


By the end of this course:

Students will learn how to prepare game and fish, roast and steam vegetables, boil water, bake bread, and roast and preserve meat, all without any modern utensils. This knowledge can make the difference between being forced to eat unpalatable food or enjoying a satisfying meal experience. This event is hands-on with the added benefit of sampling a variety of delicacies during the day.

Note: All food and water will be provided.

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