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Why We Offer Training?

We understand that our students range from novice to advanced, that each person obtains and retains information in a variety of different ways, and that each student excels at a different pace.

No matter your experience level, novice to seasoned woodsman. Until you can experience or have experienced what it's like to be in a crisis situation, do you know how you will react?

Our instructors utilize multi-sensory techniques to optimize development of knowledge and skills. Our courses include clear verbal instruction (auditory), demonstrations and pictures (visual), and hands-on application and practice (tactile). The Woodsrunner School incorporates methods of instruction and learning principles that are backed by our years of experience and by the latest scientific research.

Through our use of training modifiers, within a controlled environment, we simulate real crisis situations to help our students better understand their areas of strengths and areas of either improvement or deficit.

We use our system of the FOUR P's of instruction:

  • Priorities: Information and skills that are more important, critical, or take priority over other less essential things. What may be a priority in one crisis situation may differ from another situation.

  • Principles: A principle is defined as a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning.

The principles are the What, When, & Why things happen

or need to happen backed up by research and science.

  • Practicals: This is hands-on training; getting out and doing the hands-on skills, dealing with environmental conditions, and all that goes with it. This is why taking a course with professional instructors within a controlled environment is so important.

  • Personal Assessment: Each student is expected to show that they can perform a given skill or task, and/or that they understand and remember particular pieces of information (demonstrating proficiency) under stress or during challenges.

If you resolve to do the following and dig deep within yourself, with the guidance of our seasoned instructors, through our course curriculum you will gain the confidence and fortitude to persevere during a crisis situation.

  • Decide: A conclusion or resolution reached after consideration

  • Commit: A pledge to a certain course or policy

  • Invest: Devote to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result

  • Succeed: Accomplishment of an aim or purpose

Again don’t take our word for it.

Ask our alumni.


Joshua Barnes

Founder & Director of Operations

Woodsrunner School, LLC

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