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Wake Up, Stuffs Happening!

We have all heard the terms (BOB) Bug Out Bag, (GHB) Get Home Bag, (EDC) Everyday Carry, (INCH) I’m never coming home bag, but what about this compact bag that is often overlooked in preparedness circles?

The (WUSH), Wake Up, STUFFS Happening Bag! This system is so essential that I have one ready at all times.

Why? Because personally losing a great portion of my documents and wallet in a fire helped me understand just how important and how necessary licenses and documents are in my everyday life. The contents in my WUSH Bag contain the items that I needed when I had to WUSH. After that night I am now better prepared and If I ever have to jump again into a bailout. The contents I have chosen will help me make it through the first few hours, and then allow me to rebuild my life again. This bag is designed to help alleviate stress in the weeks and months after.

So what should you put in your WUSH Bag?

My answer.

We all have different lives, expenses, properties, and family dynamics but many of the items and documents we use are the same.

Here is a short list to help you get going in the right direction.

Contents of a WUSH Bag:

  • Wallet - Each night I drop my wallet into my bag when I get home.

  • Keys - An extra set of keys stay in the bag. I have a designated ring that has copies of all my vehicles, and important locks. You can get most any key copied at most any hardware or home improvement store.

  • Cash - I always keep designated cash in the bag as well. How much you decide to keep is up to you. My recommendation is to have enough to buy three meals for you and your family, enough for at least a two nights hotel stay, enough to fill a couple of tanks of gas, and enough to buy some cheap clothes and shoes on a late-night run to Walmart. (Keep in mind. Unless you sleep in your clothes. You will probably have bailed out in your PJs)

  • Firearm - I keep a subcompact handgun along with an extra magazine and also a folding knife. No one knows when or why they might have to run out of their home in the middle of their sleep.

  • Cell Phone - I keep my cell phone on charge by the bed, but I have a phone in my bag where I keep pictures, documents, phone numbers, records, and other important information. I think I paid like $60 bucks for it. I purchased the phone with the largest run-time battery on the rack. I also put tape on the phone and wrote the *number to the phone service provider. If I can’t grab my active phone. I can use the code to contact the service provider to get connected pretty quickly.

  • Back-Up Battery Pack x2 and a USB Cable - I have a stack of these battery packs and always make sure to rotate them to keep them fully charged. These USB Battery Packs are on the cheap now at just about anywhere they offer cell phone accessories. I keep two in my HUSH Bag. When it gets real your cell phone is your first line of communication. Getting help and letting the folks that care about you know that you're okay is also important.

  • USB Drive - I think this is the most important piece of kit that anyone who prepares should keep. Having access to important documents can come in handy when you have lost it all. stuff I have downloaded:

Backup copies of:

Car Insurance


Marriage License

Health & Death Insurance Information

Credit Cards Records

Banking Records

Birth Certificate

Drivers License

Educational Certificates & Diplomas


Business Records: Licenses, Insurance, Lease Agreements

Important Contact Information: Phone Numbers and Email Addresses


and some secret squirrel stuff as well!

  • Hard Copies - Keep a few printed hard copies of the documents and licenses as well.

  • Flashlight - Most of us sleep at night, so I keep a good quality light source in the bag.

  • Extra Glasses - I have to have glasses, so I keep an extra pair of glasses as well as a pair of prescription sunglasses in the bag.

  • Medications - I keep an extra bottle with my medications and some OTC stuff too. I also keep a small note with the contact information for my pharmacy and doctor.

  • Extras - Keep in mind this system is to carry important information and protection and try to keep it as light and portable as possible. I do have a few extra items though: Clif Bar, a pen, and a small notepad.

Since I didn’t cover any specific brands or models, my suggestion is for you to know your budget and experience. Use that as a guide. Choose a bag or pouch that fits you all while keeping in mind this isn’t your bug-out, EDC, get-home, or inch bag. This is a bag that you grab and bail-in seconds to get safe.

I hope this information helps out if the time comes to ever need it, and If you like what we are doing at the Woodsrunner School. Show your support, by sharing our content.

Joshua Barnes

Founder & Director of Operations

Woodsrunner School, LLC

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