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Necessity Or Waste Of Space?

Vaseline Gauze For Survival First-Aid.

Before the invention of the chest seal for sucking chest wounds, my private ambulance company, and the majority of all 911 services used Vaseline gauze as an alternative. Sucking chest wounds do just that, Suck. The hole in the chest allows outside air to “SUCK” into the space around the lung inside the chest during inspiration. To prevent that from happening, the Vaseline gauze foil package was placed over the wound and taped on three sides. The untaped side was used to “burp” the hole when air built up inside the chest.

Now ask yourself, should I purchase a commercial chest seal at the amazon price of $15.00 that takes up more room in my small kit and expires or use this 1-dollar piece of foil package that comes with a gauze square with petroleum jelly all over it. There are many uses for the petroleum jelly other than lip balm and skin/wound care in that it is flammable, yes you can start a fire with it from your favorite fire starter and hold the flame for a long time.

As you get more dirt time and experience in the outdoors, start to find gear that takes up less room and weight to the pack and does multiple things.

In the near future, I will be taking my med bag apart and posting items from it that can be used in a survival situation. I challenge you to do the same and post what items you plan to carry.

Stay safe and come home in one piece.

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Jeff Goalen, NRP

"The Woodsrunner Medic"

Wilderness Medicine Instructor

Woodsrunner School, LLC

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William Cater
William Cater
Feb 21, 2023

The majority of 911 services use chest seals now. Vaseline gauze for open pneumothorax (sucking chest wound) also requires you carry tape. Tape doesn't stick well to sweat, dirt, or blood. However a chest seal that is coated in hydrogel will stick a lot better and remain in place especially while moving. Expiration dates on most medical items are arbitrary. Most vaseline gauze has a expiration date as do commercial chest seals, it doesn't mean they stop working when they "expire".

Replying to

Thank you for the reply and you make some great points. They definitely work past the expiration date. My service does carry commercial chest seals and they make a great addition to a trauma kit. I'm just giving people an out of the box thinking for small EDC kits with multiple options and price points. i have used the package of a chest seal more than the actual seal due to sticking too well and unable to remove it from the packaging.

See you in the woods!


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