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Traditional Skills Instructor

Jeffrey Gottlieb, MS in Biology, brings over 30 years of expertise as a Naturalist, Outdoor Educator, and Primitive Skills Instructor. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with school groups, nature centers, museums, scout troops, and summer camps. Jeffrey is renowned for constructing full-sized wigwams and longhouses, as well as meticulously replicating primitive tools and artifacts for display.

His diverse skill set spans various areas of expertise, including fiber arts, flintknapping, basketry, edible and utilitarian plants, and nature awareness. Jeffrey frequently traverses the Eastern U.S., sharing his knowledge at rendezvous, gatherings, and historic fairs.

As an accomplished author, he has penned a comprehensive how-to manual on building wigwams and an instructors' manual titled "Teaching Primitive Skills to Children." Additionally, Jeffrey has recently released a new book focusing on natural fibers and ropemaking, which is available directly through him.
For inquiries and correspondence, Jeffrey can be contacted via email at or through mail at 245 Red Dog Lane, Whittier, NC, 28789.

Explore more about Jeffrey's work and expertise on his website:

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