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Administartion/Youth Instructor

Janna is a passionate advocate for the wilderness, harboring a lifelong passion for camping, hiking, and exploration. Born into a Navy family, she embraced a nomadic lifestyle, traversing every state in the U.S. and immersing herself in the cultures of eight different countries. Janna's inherent flexibility and adaptability to diverse surroundings have been honed through her unique experiences.

Despite her inclination for adventure, Janna values the stability of having a place to call home. Her journey has instilled in her a deep appreciation for the delicate balance between stability and exploration. Throughout her adult life, Janna has devoted herself to advocacy, particularly for individuals with disabilities. Fluent in American Sign Language and armed with a compassionate spirit, she actively contributes to making accessibility a reality.

Janna's commitment to fostering growth and well-being extends to her work with children aged 2-17, where she has engaged in various capacities, leaving a positive impact on young lives. When her husband proposed transforming their shared passion for the outdoors into an opportunity to inspire and educate others, Janna eagerly embraced the idea. Recognizing the value of her diverse skills, she saw an opportunity to make a significant contribution to the cause.

Living fully off-grid with her husband and their German Shepherd, Rex, Janna understands that self-reliance is crucial. For her, life is a continuous journey of learning and utilizing the resources provided by God through nature. She believes in thriving in any environment by leveraging the gifts bestowed upon us. Janna is poised to channel her enthusiasm, skills, and experiences into creating meaningful connections between people and the great outdoors, fostering a deeper understanding of the world around us.

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