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Associate Director/Instructor

Janna has always loved being outdoors- camping, hiking, exploring- doing anything as long as it was outside. Her father was in the Navy so she moved around quite a bit; she has been to every state but Alaska as well as eight different countries. Flexibility and the ability to adapt to her surroundings has never been a problem for her.  However, she also likes having a sense of stability too.

She likes knowing that she has a place to plant a garden and grow herbs, but exploring new places and meeting new people is something she also enjoys. When her husband spoke to her about turning his passion for the outdoors into a way to transfer his knowledge and passion to others she was thrilled; she wanted a piece of the action too.

She has been trained in Sustainable Agriculture and strives to better her understanding of how to grow and use what nature has supplied to help the whole person -- body, mind, spirit, and emotions -- in the quest for optimal health and wellness, which is something she is passionate about. Life is about learning and utilizing the resources that have been provided in nature, and that is what she wants to continue to study and practice.

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