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A Traditional Culinary Experience

Embark on a culinary journey in the realm of outdoor cooking with our Camp Cooking experience. In the world of fire cooking, a skilled cook relies on a variety of tools, and among the essentials are the reliable cast iron cookware. These pieces become invaluable for their incredible versatility over the campfire, offering a distinctive and cherished cooking experience.

From searing a steak to baking bread, cast iron facilitates traditional cooking methods over an open fire, unlocking a world of culinary possibilities when used correctly. Join us at The Woodsrunner School Cadre in this hands-on class, where we lead you through the preparation of diverse dishes using different cast iron pieces. As passionate cast iron enthusiasts, we'll also explore the proper storage and care for these beloved cookware items.

Ensuring you can create hearty meals is vital when venturing into the woods.

What to expect in the Course:


Our carefully crafted course aims to impart a multitude of techniques for effectively preparing meals, spanning from breakfast, lunch, and dinner to delightful desserts, whether cooking for yourself or a larger group. The primary focus centers on the art of preparing foods over an open campfire.

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Throughout the class, participants will develop skills in:

  • Creating and managing cooking fires

  • Setting up a functional Camp Kitchen

  • Choosing the perfect Cookware - Camp cooking systems

  • Selecting the right Knives & Cooking Utensils

  • Mastering various Cooking techniques: Baking, Roasting, Stewing, Frying, and Steaming

  • Brewing Coffee & Tea over the fire

  • Caring for and maintaining Cookware: Cleaning, Seasoning, and Storing

  • Crafting your own Traditional Seasoning for Cast Iron


By the end of this immersive class:

Participants will not only gain knowledge of the fundamental principles of camp cooking but also acquire practical skills in selecting and portioning food, handling dry goods, maintaining cooking tools, constructing improvised cooking setups using natural elements, managing fires effectively, and becoming proficient in Cast-Iron cooking.

Note: To enhance your experience, all food and water will be provided during the course. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your outdoor cooking expertise!

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