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The Real Boss

Rex definitely runs the show at The Woodsrunner School. We rescued him from a life on a chain and made a promise to him that he would always be free to run and play.

He loves to run the trails and makes sure that everyone stays with the group. There will be no straggling with Rex!

His favorite activity is splashing in creeks and ponds. His favorite food is anything you're eating.  His Mama says he is not supposed to have people food, but if you sneak him some he promises not to tell.

Don't be fooled by that "I'm starving" look; he is well fed, believe us. He loves people but will let us know if someone is coming that he doesn't know. His daddy calls him a fur missile because when he starts running all you see is a flash of fur. He has two speeds: wide open and dead stop.

We did not just rescue him he- also rescued us and he is a very sweet boy.

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