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A workshop dedicated to the art of fire-making in the wilderness. Over two full days, we will delve into the indispensable role of creating fire when it counts. Without fire, thriving would be an insurmountable challenge. Throughout history, humans have forged a profound connection with fire, relying on it to cook meals, stay warm, and foster a sense of belonging.

What is covered in the workshop?

This workshop covers a wide range of techniques encompassing both traditional and modern fire-making methods. Students will gain proficiency in igniting fires using various sources. Moreover, we will delve into the realm of survival fire lighting, exploring innovative approaches employing electrical and solar energy. With a focus on practical application, this course equips students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence required to initiate and sustain a fire even amidst harsh environmental conditions.

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In this workshop, students will be taught skills such as:

  • What kit items to bring into the wilderness 

  • How to create a multi-functional fire kit

  • Understanding the fire triangle

  • Proper fuel-gathering techniques 

  • What fuels work best for different fire uses

  • The stages of fire

  • Learn fire lays to design the most effective fire for group size and purpose

  • How to use wet materials for Tinder

  • Learn how to make a fire under challenging conditions and within different environments

  • Various tricks and tips on using fire effectively for cooking, heat, signaling, and purifying water

  • Protecting and preserving fire for later use (Banking fire)

  • Effective methods for moving fire

  • Gathering natural materials including different woods, bark, and plants for tinder & kindling

  • Fire safety 

  • The correct preparation of a fire ring 

  • Maintaining the fire ring

  • The next fire mentality

  • Crisis all-weather fires

  • Clearing a fire away leaving no trace

  • And much more..


By the end of this workshop:

Our skilled instructors will demonstrate the correct techniques for using various ignition sources. Students will learn useful tips to guarantee success with each method while sourcing natural tinder and kindling from both man-made and natural resources. With plenty of opportunities for hands-on practical exercises, students will also create and maintain many fires.


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