24-26, April  Croft State Park

Whether you're an advanced woodsman or a novice wilderness skills practitioner, you do not want to miss our 3rd Annual Woodsrunner Spring Gathering, which takes place at the beautiful Croft State Park in Spartanburg, SC on the weekend of April 24th - 26th.  As always, we have an exciting weekend of camping, fellowship, and wilderness skills instruction planned for you. 



"We do not go to the green woods and crystal waters to rough it, we go to smooth it. We get it rough enough at home; in towns and cities; in shops, offices, stores, banks—anywhere that we may be placed—with the necessity always present of being on time and up to our work; of providing for the dependent ones; of keeping up, catching up, or getting left. "Alas for the life-long battle, whose bravest slogan is bread." I am talking ... to those of the world's workers who go, or would like to go, every summer to the woods. And to these I would say, don't rough it; make it as smooth, as restful and pleasurable as you can."    -  Nessmuk 

Experience the outdoors by taking part in the many classes and hands-on specialty workshops listed below from our top level instructors throughout the event. 

At this year's gathering we will focus on ways to “Smooth” it in the Wilderness as George W. Sears (Nessmuk) explains it.               

  • The Smudge Pot - How to keep bugs at bay! 

  • All Weather Fire Making & The Next Fire Mentality

  • Knife Sharpening & Maintenance

  • Crap Rolls Down Hill - Latrine Basics

  • Tarp Shelters -  3 different shelters with only one tarp

  • Counting Sheep - Bedrolls & Lays 

  • The Haversack - Why carry one & what's inside?

  • Basic Field Navigation & Rescue Signaling

  • Backpack Fishing & Small Game Traps - Protein acquisition

  • Self-Care & Hygiene - Using only natural materials

  • Women in the Woods - Challenges many women face in the wilderness

  • Hobo Cook Stoves & Simple Campfire Meals

  • Knife Skills & Basic Notches

  • Tools of the Woods - The Bushcraft Hammer

  • Best Foot Forward- Foot care & Gear 

  • Clothing Choices - First line of shelter

  • No more packing the kitchen sink - - Quality vs. Quantity

  • Hammock Camping Basics

  • And much more...

 Specialty Workshops: $$$

  • Leather Altoids Tin  - Possibles Pouch - David Sabet

  • Bark Containers -  Sherry Sherill

  • Wilderness Wounder Bread - Bannock Making - Janna Barnes

  • Flint & Steel Kits - Judson Zeigler

  • Simple Sewing & Gear Repair Kits - Lee Davis


Due to the cost of materials and limited availability. Early registration is       recomended for all specialty workshops.


* Click here for full descriptions, cost and registration. 

  • Traditional trade blanket (Don’t forget to bring your items to trade and always extras to sweeten the pot)

  • Event collaborators will be onsite showcasing their businesses, exhibiting their wares and selling goods along tradesman row

  • Prize challenges (Remember to bring your Bushcraft Kits) 

  • Silent Auctions (To support The Woodsrunner Youth Program)

  • Door Prize Giveaways

  • And back by popular demand, Campfire Karaoke!


Youth ages 6 to 11 will have the opportunity to be with our Woodsrunner Junior Instructors, so parents are free to relax and participate in activities throughout the day on Saturday and a portion of Sunday.

  • Youth Trade Blanket - Youth will learn the art of barter and trade (Have your youth bring items to trade with other youth & also with vendors along tradesman row)

  • Critter Expeditions

  • Scavenger Hunts 

  • Campfire songs & stories

  • Outdoor Crafts

  • Wilderness Awareness - How to avoid dangers in the woods!

  • How to stay safe & get found if lost in the woods! 

  • And Much More!

It is important to us that we offer this opportunity so individuals can not only grow their bush-craft, traditional skills, and wilderness survival skills, but to also enjoy a campfire with individuals who are always eager to share their wisdom, experiences and their love for the outdoors.


  • Portable Toilets

  • Hammock and tent camping available at the event site for no additional charge

  • Limited RV, Travel Trailer, & Tent sites with hook-ups within the park are available (Pre-Registration is required; Contact Croft State Park directly for fees and availability)

Croft State Park

450 Croft State Park Rd, Spartanburg, SC

April 24th - 26th, 2020


Gate opens at Noon on Friday

Event ends at 3 PM on Sunday 


What to Bring:

  • Drinking & cooking water for the duration of the event

  • A hammock or tent

  • Weather appropriate sleeping gear

  • Weather appropriate clothing & closed-toed footwear

  • Raincoat or umbrella

  • Food, snacks, and drinks for the duration of the event

  • PLEASE NOTE: Snacks, drinks and water will be available for purchase at the event, or the park store. 

  • Cooking gear and utensils (cook stoves, grills, etc.)

  • Sunscreen and bug spray

  • Personal hygiene items

  • If you have it. Your gear. Nothing like showing off your gear to a bunch gear junkies.

Full Event

$59.00 (If ticket is purchased before March 20th, 2020)

$69.00 (If ticket is purchased on or after March 20th, 2020)


Day Pass

$30.00 (If ticket is purchased before March 2nd, 2020)

$35.00 (If ticket is purchased on or after March 20th, 2020)


Kids 5 & Under Free

PLEASE NOTE: There is a $2.00 Administrative State Park Entry Fee for EACH Adult entering the park

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