Hunter Gatherer Course

In today’s society, do you think there’s too much reliance on nature? Are you always excited to grab processed and packaged food over freshly sourced items? This course takes a different look at how to source food and depends more upon your own surroundings than the manufacturers of today’s market offerings. 


Prerequisite: No Prerequisites Required


3 Axes


2 Days


$160 (18+) / $80(12-17)

What is covered in the course? 

The focus of this course is to identify fish and animal habitats and acquire the nutritional resources we need to live. Through modern and primitive trapping and hunting devices and techniques, we will teach the proper way to locate, procure, and prepare food. It is important to note that our curriculum is still as useful today as it has been in the past to many hunters and fishermen. It is also a way of life for our instructors. They use these methods to put food on the table and provide for their families. Because our talented team of instructors use these techniques in more than a course setting, they are prepared to help students troubleshoot, prevail, and find the nutrition they need.

Our students learn how to travel, camp, and forage in the wilderness, exploring the bounties that nature provides. Experience self-sufficiency of a higher caliber. Learn to use your hands for crafting and creating tools, equipment, containers, and hunting weapons while gaining the skills to improvise using the environment. Our students also learn the differences between passive and active hunting and fishing techniques.


Eligibility Requirements: Students must be at least 12 years old. All students younger than 18 must be accompanied by a paid parent or legal guardian. 

Special Requirements: A South Carolina Fishing License must be in possession at all times during this course. If you are a SC resident  and need a license or a 14-day permit or a non-resident license or 14-day permit. Click here.

Topics covered

  • Creating and utilizing the camp kitchen

  • Preserving food, primitive cooking, and storage methods

  • Making bannock, pemmican, parched corn

  • Creating cooking and eating utensils

  • Using The Smudge Pot 

  • Identifying, harvesting and preparing wild plants for food and self-aid

  • Understanding long term hygiene and scent elimination

  • Camouflaging and concealing

  • Reading and predicting the weather

  • Using modern and improvised trapping techniques, lures, baiting, and trapping locations

  • Using modern and improvised hunting and fishing devices

  • Using night time hunting techniques and improvised torch from natural materials

  • Using basic tracking skills and learn to interpret animal sign

  • And much more!

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