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Thriving in Nature's Embrace


Survive to Thrive- Advanced, an exhilarating and transformative course that takes your wilderness survival skills to the next level. In this immersive course, you will delve deep into the ancient practices and techniques of our ancestors, mastering the art of living with nature and providing for your needs with little to no modern equipment.

An intensive and hands-on course designed for individuals who seek to push the boundaries of their survival knowledge. Led by seasoned experts in primitive living and survival techniques, this course will challenge you as you learn to embrace the simplicity and self-sufficiency of primitive living skills.


Prerequisite: No Prerequisites Required

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4 Axes


5 Days


$500 (18+) / $350 12-17

Wilderness Skills & Topics Covered:

  • Advanced Long-Term Shelter Construction:

    • Building long-term dwellings in the wilderness

    • Crafting natural cordage and lashings from the landscape

    • Utilizing advanced insulation and weatherproofing techniques

  • Primitive Fire Crafting:

    • Mastering friction fire method from the landscape 

    • Understanding different wood types and fire-starting materials

    • Fire maintenance and advanced fire-building techniques

  • Advanced Primitive Hunting, Trapping, & Fishing:

    • Procuring food from the land and water using traditional techniques

    • Understanding animal behavior

  •  Wild Plant Utilization:

    •  Identifying and utilizing a wide range of edible and medicinal plants

    •  Advanced plant processing for food and medicinal uses

    •  Creating natural remedies and herbal applications

  • Primitive Tools & Crafts:

    • Crafting functional tools from natural materials (stone, bone, wood, etc.)

    • Advanced carving, shaping, and cordage techniques

    • Creating primitive containers, baskets, and other useful items

  • Primitive Navigation & Wayfinding:

    • Utilizing celestial bodies for navigation (sun, stars, moon, etc.)

    • Reading natural signs and landmarks for orientation

    • Advanced mapless navigation techniques

  • Extended Wilderness Survival:

    • Long-term food procurement and storage

    • Primitive cooking methods and food preservation techniques  

  • And much more..

Course Outlook:

Advanced Primitive Survival is an immersive and demanding course that includes extensive hands-on training, overnight camping, and wilderness excursions. Participants will gain a profound understanding of primitive survival techniques. Safety will remain paramount throughout the course, and expert instructors will guide you every step of the way.


Upon completing the Survive to Thrive- Advanced, participants will receive a prestigious certificate of mastery, acknowledging their exceptional competence in primitive living skills and their ability to thrive in the harshest of environments during long-term survival situations.


Join us in Advanced Primitive Survival and unlock the ancient wisdom that lies dormant within you.

Gear Checklist: Click Here

Eligibility Requirements: Students must be at least 12 years old. All students younger than 16 must be accompanied by a paid parent or legal guardian. 



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