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"The First 72 Hours"



"The Beyond 72 Hours"






The Woodsrunner System of Wilderness Skills, Safety, and Survival 



The Woodsrunner System of Wilderness Skills, Safety, and Survival includes courses that instructors who possess decades of training and experience have developed for our students. They have established a system of progressive training that begins in the first course and is then augmented and developed throughout the courses following the initial Survival 101 course. 



Our experience inspires the following skills and abilities: Intuition, Psychological Acuity, Improvisation, and Physical and Mental Endurance.



Intuition: Survival 101 - “The First 72 Hours" Course


The Survival 101 course is our most prominent wilderness training course. This course is the foundation of The Woodsrunner System of Wilderness Skills, Safety, and Survival. This first course covers the 12 Wilderness Priorities of crisis situations, including the survival mindset and situational awareness, and the fundamentals of fire, water, food, and shelter. We also cover gear & clothing selection, improvisation techniques (in situations that need quick thinking), knife skills, as well as self-care. 



Psychological Acuity: Survival 201 - “The Beyond 72 Hours" Course


Survival 201 is our second course in the series and includes the advancement of our 12 Wilderness Priorities to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to overcome an extended wilderness crisis situation when rescue has not occurred within the first 72 hours.  Students will learn the importance of improvisation and a determined mindset when dealing with the reality that they must rely solely on their abilities and knowledge. The novel nature of this course capitalizes on the wilderness and diminishes our reliance on modern mainstream conveniences, without exploiting or depleting natural resources. 



Improvisation: Survival 301 - “ And There After” Course


Survival 301 is our third step in the series. Our instructors designed it to take the skills and knowledge students to gain from our prior survival courses and build on them to enable students to go beyond mere survival. Students will learn to burrow deeper into long-term living skills. 


This course is demanding both mentally and physically. This course will require walking waist-deep in the swamp and trudging across rugged terrain while using a few tools, our clothing, and the knowledge and skills from our prior training. This set of adverse conditions is sometimes called  "the suck" in Survivalist circles. However, our practice and training help “the suck” to become more easily endurable.



Physical & Mental Endurance: The Woodsrunner Survival Challenge


This is an assessment of a crisis wilderness situation in a supremely remote environment and is by invitation only. Instructors will evaluate students’ actions under time and material constraints, observing their ability to accomplish the tasks our instructors present. We base this course on adrenaline-fueled, endurance-based scenarios that require strategy, active thinking, and pure grit to complete. This fourth course is the final step in our survival courses and incorporates everything students hone and learn through the previous courses.




These courses will lead you on the path to becoming an Adept Survivalist! 

Intuition (Survival 101) + 

Psychological Acuity (Survival 201) +
Improvisation (Survival 301) + 

Physical & Mental Endurance (The Woodsrunner Challenge) 

= Woodsrunner Adept Survivalist 



We care about our students and feel it’s our responsibility to make sure that they have a firm understanding of the various dangers that could arise in an outdoor environment before taking on further challenges. This series of courses presents many challenges which increase skill requirements and mental and physical commitment. However, participants will have the tools to harness their drive, become self-reliant, and control every outcome. Through those efforts, students become stronger in facing the challenges throughout their progression.


From establishing mental fortitude and situational awareness to procuring food sources while building and maintaining a long-term camp, our series of courses is a comprehensive curriculum that will increase our students’ confidence and fortitude when using their skills and knowledge in any outdoor situation.


“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” 

- Neale Donald Walsch