Our instructors designed The Woodsrunner Survival Challenge Course for those who have the training and proven experience to join instructors as we venture on a 5-day journey. Together we will trek through inhospitable terrain with only our skills, many of which students learned and perfected in the three prior survival courses.

This course is a crisis based wilderness situation assessment in a raw natural environment. Instructors will evaluate participants under stress if time and scarcity of materials as the students accomplish the tasks put before them. The course is adrenaline-fueled, endurance-based, and full of scenarios that require strategy, active-thinking, and pure grit to complete.

We believe that mastering the Intuitive, Psychological, Improvisational, and Physical components of our pathway makes our students Adept Survivalists.  


Prerequisite: Survival 101 "The First 72 Hours"  Course, Survival 201 "Beyond 72 Hours" Course & Survival 301 "& There After" Course


5 Axes


3 Days


$300 (18+) / $150 (16-17)

What should I expect? 



As an extreme immersion course, this challenge requires students to truly prove their resolve and and put all their acquired skills, knowledge, and abilities to use. The rubber on their boots definitely meets the road... er... trail! No matter the skill set and knowledge base, only a true-to-life situation will completely test one's mind, body, and determination. The mental, physical, and emotional challenges may leave our students lighter at the end, but the value of conquering fears, challenging limitations, and overcoming obstacles make becoming truly self-reliant a priceless experience. 





Be prepared for a physically and mentally demanding experience. Participants will cross bodies of water, climb through revines, and traverse thick brush in whatever the weather conditions are during the scheduled class. Students will have only a knife, a small kit, and the clothing on their backs. Being exhausted, hungry, wet, thirsty, and having thoughts of giving up will be a constant state, and we often call this set of circumstances “the suck” because, well…. it sucks!






The skills, knowledge, and mindset acquired during the three prior survival training courses have set the participants on a path to overcome and accept the adversities we present in the Challenge Course. With a firm understanding that the mind and body can endure more than it says, feels, and thinks, students will grasp the situation, find a remedy, and quickly overcome all those circumstances while pressing forward, “Embracing the Suck” and becoming successful in their circumstances.

Over 3 days, the participants will rely on their training, knowledge, and experience to grind through the many challenges that happen within a wilderness environment. It is up to each participant whether they pass or fail this course. Our adept instructors will accompany the participants during the course, constantly evaluating the skills, knowledge, and attitude of each participant while solo or in a group dynamic. Our instructors will only provide support and advice when critically necessary.

The unknown is one of the greatest challenges that most face, so the instructors don’t disclose every detail of the course in order to preserve the element of surprise.

Suffice it to say students will face many obstacles and work with extremely limited resources, yet achieve an effective outcome.

Expect the unexpected!
Expect the worst...
“The Suck”
Expect the best of ourselves!
“Embrace The Suck”

Participants will move at a steady pace with limited amounts of needed resources on hand. This very demanding course requires that participants come ready to prove their skills and knowledge, placing particular importance on their physical and mental endurance. We recommend training for a few months in advance by exercising and maintaining a healthy diet. If anyone has been sick or had any medical procedures within the last three months, they should not attempt this course until they have had time to rest and completely recover.


Evaluation & Criteria to complete challenge:

  • Form a realistic plan based on the fundamental needs in a crisis situation.

  • Solve unforeseen problems using intuitive thinking. 

  • Remain aware of both the assets and liabilities within the group dynamic.

  • Delegate, prioritize and assign responsibility within the group dynamic. 

  • Have the ability to remain calm and keep a clear head

  • Make solid decisions while under stress, pressure, and extreme conditions (needs of the body)

  • Use strict time limits allotted to effect a solution. 

  • Take action. There is no plan B!

  • Create a strategy and effectively execute it to achieve a desired resolution. 

  • Evaluate every situation and prioritise available resources.

  • Work with extremely limited resources and still achieve an effective outcome.

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