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The Wilderness Survival 201 Course is the second course in the progressionary Woodsrunner System of skills, safety, and survival. During the Survival 101 Course, students were taught how to prepare for, and quickly take care of the immediate crisis situation.




This is an intermediate survival course. You will learn and apply the skills necessary to survive in the wilderness for longer term, and to prevent future crises; by focusing more on improvisation techniques, utilizing natural resources, relying less on equipment, and building upon the foundational skills learned in the 101 course.


Prerequisite: Completion of the Wilderness Survival 101 Course - No matter your skill set or experience we strongly encourage you to first take the Survival 101 Course.

Gear & tools break. Supplies run out. 

Use knowledge & skills to do more with less. 

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3 Axe


3 Days


$360.00 (18+) / $180 (16-17)

Wilderness Skills & Topics Covered:

  • Creating fire from the landscape

  • Navigation by using terrain & woodsman skills

  • The principles of  protein sourcing (scouting, fishing & trapping techniques) 

  • Shooting (the fundamentals of utilizing firearms, & slingshots) 

  • Plant & tree identification 

  • Foraging & folk medicine making

  • Sheltercraft (IIntermediate)

  • Self-care (improvised first-aid & hygiene) 

  • Primitive cooking techniques (Intermediate) 

  • And much more.. 

Course Outlook:

Our instructors have decades of training and extensive hours of dirt time in order to hone and develop the principles, concepts, and techniques taught in this course. This is an intermediate level course where you will apply the hands-on application of the essential skills necessary to survive in the wilderness for longer term, and to prevent future crises. 


We believe the more you know, the less you will rely on equipment that might break or get lost, and rely more on skills and natural resources. By having a means to source protein and plant life, improve shelter, and to deal with ailments and injuries. You will feel more confident within a wilderness environment.


If you’re looking to do more with less and take your skills to the next level this course is for you.

Eligibility Requirements: Students must be at least 16 years old


This is an intermediate survival course you will learn to apply the skills necessary to survive in the wilderness for a longer term, and to prevent future crises.


The Wilderness Survival 201 Course is more comprehensive than the 101 Course, so students should be prepared for:


  • Navigating over rugged terrain, both day and night, all while carrying gear

  • Sheltering away from a basecamp setting

  • Being tested both physically and mentally as you experience the wilderness first hand 

Along with guidance from our instructors, you stand a greater chance at making it through the challenges faced; all while gaining confidence in yourself and your ability to provide for your needs in a longer term wilderness environment.

Survival 201


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