SURVIVAL 201 - "Beyond 72 HOURS" COURSE 

The  Survival 201 - “The Beyond 72 Hours” Course builds on the  instruction from Survival 101 Course. It is the second step  in the progressive series of survival courses within The Woodsrunner School’s System of Wilderness Skills, Safety & Survival.  This course prepares students for the time after the first 72 hours of the survival situation has passed. In this course, our instructors will explain that understanding the wilderness, utilizing improvisation techniques, and making the most of natural resources greatly increases one’s chance for rescue. 


Gear & tools break. Supplies run out. 

Use knowledge & skills to do more with less. 


Our instructors have had decades of training and extensive hours of dirt time in order to hone and develop the principles, concepts, and techniques in this course. We give our students these lessons to greatly further their chances of success within remote environments for extended periods of time. 

Prerequisite: Survival 101 - "The First 72 Hours" Course


4 Axe


3 Days


$280.00 (18+) / $140 (16-17)

What is covered in the course? 

What is covered in the course?


During the Survival 101 Course, students were taught how to prepare for and quickly take care of the immediate situation and overcome a 24 to 72 hour time frame. In this 201 course, instructors will begin to show students how to progress beyond the initial crisis. Students will learn how to utilize less gear and fewer tools and supplies while using more natural resources and improvisation techniques to achieve a longer survival time.


The Survival 201 Course is more comprehensive than the 101 Course, so students should prepare not to be in a  basecamp setting. Students will travel into a secluded yet instructor controlled environment with rationed food and water. Longer days and nights will result in sleep deprivation, so be prepared!

While this course is more intense than the Survival 101 course, participants should harness the drive to become self-reliant and strive to do their best. Through these two efforts, along with the guidance and instruction from our adept instructors, students stand a great chance at making it through challenges faced.

Eligibility Requirements: Students must be at least 16 years old. All students younger than 18 must be accompanied by a paidparent or legal guardian. 

Topics covered

Advancement of  The Nine Wilderness Priorities


  • Flint & Steel, Solar Ignition & Intro to Friction Fire

  • Wood selection, fire-lays and when to use them

  • Fire Maintenance, banking and carrying fire


  • Water sourcing

  • Filtration

  • Purification


  • Improving survival tarp shelter,  natural shelter construction (ground shelter & raised shelter)


  • Acquiring protein through proven small game trapping and fishing methods, how to clean, and prepare game and fish, and wilderness cooking techniques using different parts of the fire

ROCS - (Intermediate) 

  • Rescue

  • Orienteering   

  • Communication

  •  Signaling

The Psychology of Survival 

Self-Care & Hygiene

  • Self-care techniques utilizing natural resources and less modern gear & supplies 


Improvisation Techniques

Awareness (Situational)

Resource Management

Intermediate  knife skills & carving techniques

Lashings & Knots for shelter construction

And much more...



Survival 201
The Woodsrunner School
Survival 201
The Woodsrunner School
Survival 201
The Woodsrunner School
Survival 201
The Woodsrunner School
Survival 201
The Woodsrunner School
Survival 201
The Woodsrunner School
Survival 201
The Woodsrunner School
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Clinton, SC 29325