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Growing up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Sherry has always had a love of the outdoors, bushcraft and survival skills. She moved to the southeast as a teenager, and has since made the Carolinas her home. Coming from both a military and law enforcement family, the importance of self-reliance and survival skills were instilled in her from a very young age.  


Sherry earned a Master’s Degree in Clinical and Community Psychology from UNCC in 2001, and has taught Psychology at Gaston College since 2003. Her education and experiences have given her great insight into the psychological principles involved in personal and situational awareness, human responses to crisis and survival situations, and the development of self-control and self-efficacy.  Sherry believes that outdoor activities, and training in bushcraft and survival skills can be highly effective in addressing a variety of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD and others.


Sherry has a great desire to reach women who have little or no experience in the wilderness,  and to share the therapeutic and restorative possibilities of wilderness and self-reliance training with people who have been victims of domestic or childhood abuse.


Sherry joined the Woodsrunner school in 2019.  She is skilled in and loves teaching both primitive and traditional survival skills, and enjoys sharing her passion for the outdoors with others.  She lives in Cramerton, North Carolina with her husband and son and has an adult daughter. Her favorite activities include camping, canoeing, fishing, snow-skiing, traveling, drag racing, and spending time with family and friends.