Why is this event important?

Why spend the time and money to attend this event?  Here are just a few reasons:


  • Learn to be more independent and at the same time more dependable - During a critical situation, you may need to be more independent, relying less on others for help. At this event, various instructors will demonstrate skills that allow you to be more independent and help other people when the need arises.  Our sessions are an investment in yourself because you are a valuable resource to yourself and to others.


  • Experience a connection with nature - You can learn to be comfortable in the woods and appreciate the outdoors by enjoying nature in a location that has the amenities needed for comfort.  


  • Have fun with other like-minded folks - This weekend is an opportunity to depart from your normal routine and do something adventurous, and to strengthen cooperation and community among other SCP Members. At this event, you will learn skills and see how others do it. This will help build confidence in yourself and your family in a crisis circumstance.


  • Learn to test yourself - While these skills are extremely accessible, they do require direct instruction and practice.  Acquiring the skills our instructors teach will allow you to experience a sense of accomplishment and confidence that you can then apply to other areas of your life. Knowledge dispels fear, and the knowledge you gain at this event will always be with you.

What should I expect at this event?


This event is inclusive with activities for all ages:


  • Adults and young adults will have the opportunity to learn about preparedness techniques such as… first aid, firearms basics, how to pack and store food sources, animal processing and butchering, three ways to meat, how to create fire in most weather conditions, knots that work best, bugging in vs. bugging out, and so much more!


  • Younger children, ages 4 - 9, can participate in activities just for them. There will be a wilderness scavenger hunt. Outdoor craft projects, from things collected on the hunt. They will learn how to make a hobo fishing reel, along with learning some fire-making skills. They will also learn about wilderness awareness and how not to get lost, but what to do if that should happen.

    • Also, each child will need a whistle for the wilderness awareness discussion.

    • Every child will need to have his/her own drinking container, drinks, and snacks. 



The weekend will consist of both large and small group presentations, and there will also be plenty of time to socialize and relax. This is a great opportunity to build relationships in the community. Feel free to participate as much or as little as you like.


It's That Time Again!


The SCP Regions Group welcomes its members and their families to The Woodsrunner School, LLC. November 6th - 8th for a fun weekend of preparedness, demonstrations, and workshops. Whether you have extensive knowledge of preparedness, just a base set of skills, or no skills at all, this event has something for you!

Learning how to become self-reliant is a life-changing event.
Experience a taste of the knowledge and skills needed before you ever need them!

What self-reliance topics will be covered at this event? 



Group Presentation

  • Down & Dirty Survival Hygiene & First Aid



Demonstrations & Hands-on Practice

  • Bleeding Control in the Face of Trauma

  • Handgun Fundamentals

  • Communications in Times of Crisis

  • Animal Processing & Butchering

  • Food Preservation & Storage

  • Survival Trapping

  • All-Weather Fire Making

  • CampFire Breadmaking

  • Welding Basics

  • And Much More still in the WORKS!

Bannok (1).png



Friday, November 6th


2:00 pm​ 


  • Gate opens

    • Register and set up camp for the night  

      • Please register at the gate before setting up camp



6:30 pm


  • We will have a social meet and greet around the campfire, our social circle, to get to know everyone and enjoy the evening with conversation and lots of laughs.

10:00 pm


  • Quiet Time



Saturday, November 7th



7:30 am 

  • Registration opens


8:30 am 


  • The event will open with a meeting around the social circle with topics including:

    • Safety overview

    • Instructor and staff introductions


10:00 am​

  • Phase 1 Workshops Begin


10:46 am

  • Break



11:00 am

  • Phase 2 Workshops Begin


11:45 am

  • Lunch


1:00 pm

  • Phase 3 Workshops Begin



1:45 pm 

  • Break



3:00 pm


  • Phase 4 Workshops Begin


5:00 pm​ 


  • Meet at the social circle for an afternoon of Fun Prize Challenges


6:30 pm


  • Events close for the day

    • Retire to the social circle for rest, relaxation, and fellowship




Sunday, November 8th



8:00 am​ 

  • The day will begin with a meeting around the social circle.


9:00 am​

  • Breakfast 



10:15 am


  • Group Demonstration

    • Down & Dirty First Aid & Hygiene



11:30 am      


  • Pack up 



1:00 pm


  • Event Closes 

  • Facebook - White Circle


  • $21.00 - Adults & Youth over 10 years old


  • Free - Youth 0 - 9 years old

What to Bring

  • Drinking & cooking water for the duration of the event

  • A hammock or tent

  • Weather appropriate sleeping gear

  • Weather appropriate clothing & closed-toed footwear

  • Raincoat or umbrella

  • Food, snacks, and drinks for the duration of the event 

  • Cooking gear and utensils (cookstoves, grills, etc.)

  • Personal hygiene items

  • If you have it. Your gear. Nothing like showing off your gear to a bunch of gear junkies.


  • Toilets

  • Handwashing Stations

  • Hot Shower

Camping in the Woods


Hammock & Tent camping spots on site:


The Brick House Campground is just 1.5 miles down the road as a place to bring travel trailers and RV's. There are no power hookups but there is a:


  • KOA Campground

    •  567 Fairview Church Rd, Kinards, SC

      • (864) 697-1214 ​

        • 6.6 miles away with full power and even some cabins



Hotels in the area: 

  • Hampton Inn & Suites

    • 201 E Corporate Centre Dr, Clinton, SC

      • (864) 938-1040

        • 8.2 miles away

  • Comfort Suites

    • 12865 Hwy 56 North, Clinton, SC

      • ​(864) 833-1800

        • 9 miles away

Refrigerated Goods

Where to Purchase Necessities

  • Dollar General

    • 11656 SC-56 N, Clinton, SC 29325

      • 9.8 miles away

  • Bilo Grocery

    • 927 S Broad St, Clinton, SC 29325

      • 12.3 miles away

  • Walmart​

    • ​922 E Main St, Laurens, SC

      • 15.1 miles away​​​

  • Arby's​​

    • ​18974 SC-72 East, Clinton, SC

      • 7.9 miles away​

  • Zaxbys​

    • ​18926 SC-72 E, Clinton, SC 

      • 7.9 miles away​

*If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at scpreppers@gmail.com
2664 Stomp Springs Rd.
Clinton, SC 29325
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