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Paul Christopher, a seasoned professional with a passion for survival skills and homesteading, was born and raised as the youngest of four boys in a household that cherished the lost ways of life. Growing up under the guidance of older parents who instilled invaluable knowledge, Paul's upbringing uniquely blended traditional skills with a deep appreciation for self-sufficiency.

From an early age, Paul's mother imparted culinary wisdom, teaching him the arts of cooking, baking, and canning food. Simultaneously, his father, well-versed in building construction, passed on the invaluable skill of creating something out of nothing. Paul's older brothers, with their extensive knowledge of the outdoors, introduced him to the essentials of hunting, shooting, and fishing – skills that proved vital in supplying food for the family. It wasn't until he was 20 years old that Paul discovered the existence of canned Salmon in grocery stores, having grown up with his mother canning their own fish.

Paul's formative years were characterized by playing in the woods and advancing through the ranks of the Boy Scouts, shaping his affinity for nature and survival skills. In 2001, Paul embarked on a career as a firefighter, marking the beginning of a journey filled with diverse experiences. Over the years, he became a valuable asset to numerous special teams, including the Dive Team, Land Search Team, High Angle Rescue, Confined Space, and more.

Driven by a passion for sharing knowledge, Paul obtained his Fire Service Instructor certification, further deepening his commitment to education. This dedication extended beyond the fire station, as Paul became the Co-Founder of Lostways Survival and Homestead. When not tending to his own homestead, he actively imparts his expertise at various events and through the Woodsrunner School, where he teaches homesteading, wilderness survival, self-rescue, and bushcraft.

Paul Christopher stands as a testament to the fusion of traditional wisdom and modern expertise, exemplifying a life dedicated to self-sufficiency, survival, and the preservation of the lost ways.

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