The Woodsrunner Adept Survivalist Pathway was created for those who want to attain the foremost in survival training. We care about our students and feel it’s our responsibility to make sure that they have a firm understanding of the various dangers that could arise in an outdoor environment before taking on further challenges. This pathway presents many challenges which increase in skill requirement and mental and physical commitment. However, participants will be given the tools to harness their drive, to become self-reliant, and to strive to be their best. Through those efforts, students then become stronger in facing the challenges throughout the Pathway.


From establishing a survival mindset and situational awareness to procuring food sources while building and maintaining a long term camp, our Pathway is a comprehensive set of courses designed to increase our students’ confidence and fortitude when using the skills and knowledge provided in any outdoor situation.






Upon achievement, students will have gained vast knowledge, an advanced skill set, and a survivalist mindset that will prepare them for vast situations not only within the wilderness but within their everyday lives.



How does the pathway work? 

To accommodate scheduling for students, each Pathway Phase will be offered 2 times each calendar year starting in June of each year and ending in June the following year. Each student will have up to 24 months to complete the pathway. Upon completion of each Pathway Phase, students will be presented with a Certificate of Training and a Phase Patch. Upon completion of the entire Pathway students will be presented with a Certificate of Completion, Adept Patch, and the Honor of becoming a Woodsrunner Adept Survivalist.

What does the Pathway Include?

The Pathway includes four course phases that use decades of training and experience. Our instructors have established 4 P’s of instruction, to be initiated in the first-course phase and augmented and developed through the following courses after the first phase. By teaching Priorities, establishing respect for Principals, practicing in Practical Situations, and always reflecting through Personal Assessment, students have a complete and comprehensive experience in outdoor survival education.


Intuition  +  Psychological Acuity  +  Improvisation  +  Physical Endurance

Our four course experience inspires the following skills and abilities:

Intuition: Phase 1: Fundamentals Course in Survival

The Outdoor Survival Fundamentals Course is our most prominent wilderness training course. This course is the foundation of The Woodsrunner Adept Survivalist Pathway. This first course covers our 4 P’s of instruction, Survival Mindset to Situational Awareness, including acronyms like KISS, STOP, and The Core 4: Fire, Water, Food, & Shelter. We also cover Gear & Clothing Selection, Improvisation Techniques in situations that need quick thinking, Knife Skills, and Survival First Aid & Hygiene including how best to avoid injury.

Psychological Acuity: Phase 2: Intensive Course in Survival


The Outdoor Survival Intensive Course builds on the Fundamentals and our 4 P’s of instruction, helping individuals gain the knowledge needed to live during a long term wilderness crisis situation. Our students learn how systems in nature can be beneficial by using less gear and more of what is found within a natural environment. Because this second course is much more intense and comprehensive, there are many topics and techniques we bring to our students through the multi-class format including advanced fire techniques, water topics, and natural sheltering techniques.

Improvisation: Phase 3: Progressive Course in Survival


Our third step in the Adept Pathway perseveres through the process of accumulating the caloric needs in any way possible and celebrates the triumph of our inner scavengers. This course is demanding on both the mind and the body, as it requires walking waist deep in the swamp bottoms, and trudging across rugged terrain, only using a few tools, clothing, and the knowledge and skills gleaned from our prior training. This set of adverse conditions is sometimes called  "the suck" in Survivalist circles. However, our practice and training helps “the suck” to become more easily endurable.

Physical Endurance: Phase 4: Extreme Course in Survival


This course is an assessment of a real-life wilderness situation in a supremely natural environment. Instructors will evaluate students in a limited scope of time, observing their ability to accomplish the tasks put forth. The course is based on adrenaline-fueled, endurance-based scenarios that require strategy, active-thinking, and pure grit to complete. This fourth course is the final step in our course pathway and incorporates everything honed and earned through the previous courses.

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