Sept. 21, 2019


1 Day



Learn the different styles of leather footwear and how to make the “center seam” moccasins from the start to the finished product.


Both the activities of making and wearing moccasins date back many years, to the harsh climates of the past. These leather footwear, which has origins throughout the world, were a necessity to protect the foot from environmental dangers as primitive humans made their way in the world.


The word moccasin, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is a soft leather shoe or boot with no heel. This shoe sole rises up the sides of the foot and over the toes where it is joined with a puckered seam to a U-shaped piece lying on top of the foot. In this workshop, you will learn the different styles of leather footwear and how to make the “center seam” moccasins from the start to the finished product.



What should I expect?


Our instructors have studied and constructed various styles of moccasins over the years using different materials and styles. During this workshop, students will spend the day learning about the “Center Seam” Moccasin and its origin. We will also cover the materials used, how it was sourced, and the process of making the material into workable leather. Expect to have tired hands from your day's work, but with your new mocs expect to have happy feet.


What is covered in this course? 


Our moccasin construction will entail hands-on instruction by knowledgeable instructors in pattern making. Upon pattern completion, each person will begin assembly of the moccasin with one-on-one instruction, working together with the instructor to ensure that each handmade piece comes together in the form of a durable, yet comfortable, pair of footwear.


Skills, techniques, and knowledge taught and used in this course:


  • The various histories of leather moccasins

  • Types of crafting tools and tool safety

  • Discussion of different types of moccasins

  • Displays of various materials and tools used throughout history

  • Template making

  • Leather cutting and stitching techniques

  • Moccasin crafting


So, join us for our Moccasin Workshop and look forward to the time to enjoy your new moccasins!


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