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The father of two girls that he considers his most precious achievement in life, Judson Zeigler grew up in Southeast Georgia as a farmer’s son. The chores of farm life were everyday life for him. Through his Grandfather, he learned how to build fires, cook food over a campfire, and the many other skills needed for backwoods camping. He remembers his first pocket knife and his Grandfather teaching him how to whittle. His Grandfather instilled in him whether using a knife for whittling slingshots, making traps, or in a pinch making a shelter, having a sharp knife with him at all times was crucial. He started carrying a knife from day one and it still holds true today.

Later in life, he spent every chance he could hunting, fishing, and exploring the outdoors. Over the years, life got in the way but his love and passion for the outdoors never stopped. Through the good and bad he began focusing on a more traditional side of survival and began to practice Bushcraft. The honing of these skills led to the creation of his YouTube channel “Southmen Bushcraft”. His videos showcase various gear and tools he puts through the paces. Giving an honest opinion on the type of gear to make your outdoor experience safe and more fun is the hallmark of the videos he produces.

In 2017 “Jud” joined The Woodsrunner School and says he couldn't be happier to be around the fine group of instructors and students that he now teaches. His goal is to teach others the ways of being more self-reliant in nature and how to develop the passion and love for the craft as he does. He hopes to continue to teach and pass along all that he knows. All he wants to do is to help others to learn for as long as he is on this earth!

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