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Founder & Director of Operations



From a very young age running through the hardwood bottoms of Northeast Georgia and the Piedmont Region of South Carolina, Joshua Barnes was raised knowing that the woods offer three things: Sustainability, Peace, and Enjoyment. He credits his experience and knowledge gained in the outdoors from his Father and Great Grandfather; he spent every opportunity he could with these great woodsmen learning everything about hunting, fishing, and woodslore. They instilled in him that it was essential to always hone skills, acquire knowledge, and strive to experience everything in the wilderness he could. This created in him a great appreciation for the outdoors and set him on the path to pass on the skills and knowledge that he teaches today.

Before starting The Woodsrunner School he spent many years protecting and serving the citizens of Upstate SC as a Law Enforcement Officer. He specialized in training in Domestic Terrorism, Criminal Gang Detection & Investigations, Advanced Supervision and Management, Advanced DUI Detection, Training Instructor Certifications, Firearms, and Defensive Tactics.  With his extensive outdoor, law enforcement, and teaching experience it became Joshua’s goal to teach others the skills which would help them feel comfortable, confident, and become their best in everything they do.

On the recreational side, Joshua enjoys woodslore, college football, cabinet making, campfire cooking, spending time with his wife Janna and his furry son Rex, the occasional adventure into the mountains to trout fish, his constant planning for the next step at The Woodsrunner School, and most importantly sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Joshua’s teaching philosophy is to create a learning atmosphere that first instills confidence, thus allowing his students to effectively acquire knowledge and useful skill sets that are relevant, not just in crisis situations, but in their everyday lives.

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