David was born and raised in middle Georgia. He grew up where there was nothing but woods and swamp in which he would run, play, camp, and craft daily. His family is spread all up and down the Eastern seaboard in Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Vermont and Florida, which has given him the ability to travel and experience many different ecosystems and woodlands. From the swamps of Florida to the mountains of Tennessee and the bogs of Massachusetts, he has practiced survival and traditional skills in all of these environments.

This ability has created in him an avid outdoorsman who seeks the peace and knowledge of nature that our primitive ancestors knew all too well. After years as an adult and single father, he joined the workforce and began to stray too far from his roots. Slowly he began camping again and then started going to primitive bushcraft and survival training classes. He is a lover of the water and has been running the rivers since he was a child. He is very proficient in cleaning and processing animals and making amazing wilderness food and recipes. As well making beautiful brain-tanned buckskin products, he is very proficient in tracking, trapping, leatherwork, camp craft, river navigation, wilderness cooking, shelters, blade maintenance, primitive skills, and many other outdoor luxury-based skills to make a survival situation into an enjoyable and comfortable situation.  He has become an avid bushman and seeks knowledge daily. He has learned that his passion is to educate and share the joys of nature with others.

His goal is to educate people in the art and skill of living with nature, whether your objective is to live completely off the land or to be a weekend hobbyist. He wants you to have the knowledge and the ability to handle any situation the great outdoors presents you with, as our ancestors did. He wants you to be free from dependence on modern conveniences and confident in your ability to survive and thrive in any wilderness situation.

2664 Stomp Springs Rd.
Clinton, SC 29325
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