Mar. 15 - 17, 2019

Sep. 9 - 11, 2019

Nov. 1 - 3, 2019


3 Days



Gain the knowledge & skills needed to live during a long term wilderness crisis situation.


The Beyond 72 Hours - Survival Course builds on the fundamentals from The First 72 Hours- Survival Course and our 4 P’s of instruction, helping individuals gain the knowledge needed to live in the wilderness during a long term crisis situation. Our students will learn how to use systems in nature in a way that’s beneficial when we apply skills carefully. It also advances the use of proven techniques by using less gear and more of what is found within a natural environment.



Our highly qualified instructors break this three-day course into the following sections:


1. The advancement of previous skills learned in The First 72 Hours- Survival Course

2. Stress-induced practical exercises

3. Personal assessment of the knowledge gained and the techniques learned  


What should I expect?

For the first day, we’ll concentrate on 
the techniques our instructors have used ourselves when we were cold, wet, tired, dehydrated, and hungry. Because the focus is on using improvised techniques with minimal equipment, students will have a multifaceted experience trying their hand at advanced scenarios. On the morning of the second-day students will traverse water, terrain, and distance, earning the reward of sleeping in individually made natural shelters within the wilderness and creating their own fire. While this course is intense, participants should harness the drive to become self-reliant and strive to be their best. Through those two efforts, they will stand a better chance of making it through challenges faced.











What is covered in the course?

During The First 72 Hours- Survival Course students focused on the skills needed in a 72-hour situation or what we call a “short term situation”. During The Beyond 72 Hours - Survival Course, we will focus on improvising with what the land provides along the way, and not always relying on our minimal gear.  Derived from decades of training and extensive hours of dirt time, our instructors have honed and developed principles, concepts, and techniques to greatly further the chances of success in the wilderness environment.

Because this second course is much more intense and comprehensive, there are many topics and techniques we bring to our students through the multi-class format.



Some of these topics include:


  • The advancement of the Core Four during long term wilderness survival


  • Topics about needing and using food, including techniques of fasting, mapping, and tracking caloric intake, and the risk vs. reward philosophy


  • How to acquire protein through proven small game and fish trapping methods, how to humanely dispatch, clean, and butcher game and fish, and wilderness cooking techniques


  • Shelter topics such as creating a long term shelter with available natural resources and even using other travelers’ discarded trash


  • Water topics including improvised water filtering and purification techniques


  • Fire techniques including ignition sources and 100% natural tinder resources, how to build a long fire, and creating a fire specifically for cooking


  • Survival hygiene and first aid techniques and habits, including the importance of rest


  • Mistakes made and how to learn from them.


  • Decision-making situations and safety essentials like staying put vs. self-rescue



  • Cockiness vs. confidence







Ages 15+ 


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