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Becky is a seasoned outdoors enthusiast and a highly skilled Emergency Medical Services (EMS) professional with a lifelong passion for the wilderness. From her early years spent exploring the woods with her father, Becky has cultivated a deep love for the outdoors, which has only intensified throughout her dedicated career in EMS and rescue squads.

With 22 years of EMS training under her belt, Becky's commitment to sharing her expertise with others led her to become an instructor in Wilderness Medicine. In this role, she empowers students to confidently care for themselves and their companions in outdoor settings, drawing on her extensive experience in emergency response to provide practical and valuable training.

Becky's interest in the outdoors deepened, leading her to join a Search and Rescue (SAR) team in the Blue Ridge Mountains and earned Swiftwater certification, further enhancing her ability to handle challenging situations in diverse environments. Her passion for the outdoors, combined with her professional expertise, forms the foundation for her role as an influential instructor and mentor in the field of wilderness medicine.


Relocating to the Sandhills of North Carolina, Becky, along with her husband Paul Christopher, co-founded Lostways Survival and Homestead. Beyond managing her own homestead, Becky actively imparts her knowledge at various events and the Woodsrunner School, where she teaches wilderness medicine, survival, and bushcraft. Her collaborative approach to learning, coupled with a wealth of skills, allows Becky to work alongside individuals as they navigate their unique outdoor journeys.

Becky Christopher remains dedicated to fostering a community of capable and confident outdoors enthusiasts. Her unwavering commitment to education, coupled with a passion for the wilderness, makes Becky a respected figure in both the EMS and outdoor communities.

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