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This course provides the skills, knowledge, and assurance students need to light and maintain a fire even in harsh conditions.


Creating Fire: Learning the key to Fire Making from ways of old and new.


During our one day All Things Fire course students will learn what fire truly is, where it comes from and how to create it using various ignition sources and kindling and fuel materials. Fire making is the most important tool in the wilderness; without it life would be impossible. There is an important link between humans and fire. For thousands of years we have used fires to cook food, keep warm, and simply enjoy a sense of community. Fire provides security and offers a feeling of well-being, making the building and maintaining of it an essential survival skill.



Understanding Fire!


This course takes a thorough look at both modern and traditional methods of creating fires. Students will learn how to start fires with a ferrocerium rod, and flint & steel. We will also explore and practice survival fire lighting techniques using electrical and solar energy. This course provides the skills, knowledge, and assurance students need to light and maintain a fire even in harsh conditions.





What Should I Expect?



Our skilled instructors will demonstrate the correct techniques for using various ignition sources and useful tips to guarantee success with each method, while sourcing natural tinder and kindling using both man-made and natural resources. With plenty of opportunities at hands-on practical exercises using each of the methods, students will also create and maintain many fires.



Create Fire Under Any Conditions!









What is Covered in this Course?



  • Understanding the fire triangle


  • Proper fuel gathering techniques and what fuels work best for different fire uses


  • The stages of fire


  • Learn various fire lays to design the most effective fire for group size and purpose


  • How to use wet materials for tinder


  • How to efficiently find and use man-made forms of ignition


  • Learn how to make a fire under challenging conditions and within different environments


  • Various tricks and tips on using fire effectively for cooking, heat, signaling, purifying water, etc…


  • Protecting and preserving fire for later use


  • Gathering natural materials including different woods, bark, and plants for tinder & kindling


  • Fire safety and the correct preparation of a fire ring before starting the process of creating a fire and then maintaining it


  • Show how to safely clear a fire away all while leaving no trace


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